The Power of Push Notifications

Our smartphones, we never go far without them! Not only that but on average we look at our phones up to 150 times a day (or every 6 minutes). This is why mobile should be a primary driver in any marketing strategy in order to maintain competitive advantage.

One way brands look to engage with customers is through their own mobile apps. They can help attract new customers while increasing engagement with existing customers.


No more spam

Traditionally email has been used by brands to target customers and potential shoppers with promotions, offers and campaigns. Yet how many emails do we get a day? Most email clients like Gmail have filters built in to separate out promotional emails which decreases the likelihood of us reading them. The challenge for brand marketers is how to get the highest level of engagement on mobiles.


So why Push?

App notifications different. Notifications are sent to a user’s device directly from a mobile app. They appear on up on your phone’s notifications tab alongside your Texts and WhatsApps so it tends to get more of your precious attention. The message is short, to the point and often has a call to action.  As long as it isn’t misused, push technology is an effective way to engage customers and drive brand loyalty.


Recent research by push technology startup Urban Airship shows how push notifications can lead to:

  • 540% increase in daily app opens.
  • 3x faster response time than email.
  • 30% increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


3 primary areas that influence the push notification engagement:


Profile Segmentation

To get the right level of engagement, you need analytics. Linking your app to an analytics dashboard can help you measure the level of engagement on your push notifications. This allows you to tailor for different customers segments with different campaigns


Right message at the right time

The timing of notifications can be another factor. Depending on what offers or promotions a brand is running, sending them at the right time can increase the level of engagement. If you know your customers date of birth, why not send them a happy birthday notification. If they have visited your store, send them a welcome notification. If you can link this a reward this will give you a higher chance of driving customers to your app.



Having analysed customer segments and timings, brands should look to look to personalise the notification content. Customers want an engaging app experience that speaks to their needs, wants and likes. Use registration or other data collection points to gather relevant that can make your notifications personal.


With Cartful, brands get an customised dashboard that allows them to track, monitor and target customers with relevant notifications. It helps promote brand advocacy and gives customers a rewarding .


Mike is a Co-founder of Cartful. He has a zest for evolving technologies and latest developments in mobile apps. He has worked previously in Accenture across a variety of clients in banking, technology and product industries in Ireland and the UK.